23 Jun 2011

Meet the Odd Owls A to E

Hello everyone,

may I present to you the first 5 of my Odd Owl collection, personalized plush taggy toys for babies now available on Etsy. I absolutely adore them, all of them. Each one is unique and different. They are a bit creepy, a bit odd, but also cute and cuddly.

I used zigzag stitches everywhere to give the illusion of little feathers and to give them a sort of rugged look.

They are all stuffed with polyester filling and I have made sure they are safe for kids who PULL. I stitched all the seams three times and backstitched several times over the ribbons and I also used a zigzag stich on the seams to make sure the 3 layers are tight.

I have researched all the safety regulations for toys both for the UK and EU, but I also researched the CPSIA law for the US so I'll be able to sell to American buyers. It is classed as a low risk item because of the way it is made and the materials it contains, which means it is up to the maker to add the labels that contain all the information as stipulated by the law. Therefore, I have sewn a label into the bottom seam that complies with both legal regulations and that makes the toy trackable if a government agency ever picks it up. I hope that sorts all the legal requirements. I am having the toy tested by 2 very qualified babies, who can pull and grab all day long, so let's see whether the Odd Owls stand the test of time, the test of little baby hands rather.

Once I have finished the alphabet I am thinking of offering whole families of Odd Owls which will spell the baby's name. But there are only so many hours in a day and I will have to make those Odd Owls first.

I will also be moving on to Russian dolls, penguins, bunny rabbits and monsters. Can't wait.

I hope you like them.

Lots of love,

Nadine xxx

... and this was the first one I made:


  1. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When yo do M let me know !!! i have a great neice who would love one :)
    Good luck :)

  2. Ha, that's funny. I just added letters F to O to the shop. So if you want the Odd Owl M go get it :) Will work on the rest of the alphabet so I can spell names too. Thanks for all the love. xx

  3. These are sooooo Cute!! I can't wait to see my Z one that I won :).


  4. if you like plush toys,catch it please.


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