16 Jun 2011

BEACH CAMPING baby quilts for twins

Hey everybody,

I hope you get to enjoy the sun on a glorious day such as this one. And while we're at it, speaking of sunshine ... and blue skies, birds, the sea, fishes, whales, submarines ... well, my latest 2 Etsy additions have the lot.

I made 2 very similar quilts using organic fabrics from Dan Stiles' Marine collection on the tops

and organic fabrics from Monaluna's Circa60 Beach Mod collection on the backs.

I was thinking I could offer these as twin quilts if somebody needs 2 similar quilts for 2 little boys for example and if they do buy BOTH quilts they can get free personalization on both quilts. what do you think? Great Idea or Meh?

The quilting was done in wavy lines:

Now, do they make you want to go swimming?

No? Camping maybe?

Well, I would love to go on one of those little submarines to explore. Wouldn't you?

Love, Nadine xx


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