2 Jun 2011

Fresh Sewing Day

Fresh Sewing Day

What a great way to mingle, be sociable, meet other crafty people. I think I tend to just quilt away in my little flat and forget that there are so many lovely people living inside my laptop.

I have been working on lots of things last month. (yes, my plan to always finish one thing before I start the next is out the window)

I have finished this Quilt (reversible Quilt as you go)

.. and I opened my Etsy shop on May 15 http://www.etsy.com/shop/QuiltedBlissByNadine and decided to make more personalized baby quilts to sell in my shop. So I have started working on this handsewn reversible baby quilt:

... and I have been working on this quilt (again reversible, like all my quilts) and now I have just started quilting it.

... and I am also working on a really big reversible quilt with a maze in Far Far Away II fabrics on the top but I haven't got any photos of that one yet. So I guess you'll just have to come back later (;p)


Lots of Love and thanks to Lynne for organizing this Fresh Sewing Day.

Nadine xxx


  1. Really beautiful quilts and I love that they are all reversible.

  2. I love the reversible quilts. The first is so bright and cheery, just wonderful!!

  3. Oh! That reversable quilt! I love it!
    Could you make a pattern of it?
    Can I buy the pattern once it's ready?
    I love it!

    As for the bag: that's beautiful, too.
    I love the fabrics and you made it beautifully, with zippered pockets on the inside, too. Great, many thanks.
    I received it last Wednesday (postman still work slow in NL)
    The lining makes a crackling sound, what did you use?
    But it can stand all by itself!
    Thanks for that lovely giveaway.

    What I've been working on (feverishly) :

  4. Oh thanks, M. I haven't thought about making patterns, although I am intrigued. Might try it. I love designing stuff on the computer. So watch this space and the Etsy shop.

    As for the bag, yay, you like it. I loved making it, was so proud when I finished it and it STOOD ALL BY ITSELF :) I used firm iron on interlining and combined it with soft sew in interlining. Still not 100% sure on the firm one though, I like the idea of something that gives good support, but I wish it were a bit fluffier.


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