9 Dec 2011

This Blog is now closed. GIVEAWAY on the new one!

This Blog is now closed and please start following the new blog on the new url:


I am hosting a GIVEAWAY
with 3 prizes on the new blog as part of the Blog Hop Party and Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day, so come over and say hi.

Lots of Love,

30 Nov 2011

Happy St Andrews Day!

Hello everybody,

please start following the blog on the new url:


and happy St Andrews day.

Let's celebrate all things Scottish and the lovely town of St Andrews today.

Here is a painting I painted a few years ago when I lived in St Andrews.

You can find a print of this painting here:

This Creative Bliss Shop:


I have to admit, I miss Scotland, it is a beautiful country and definitely worth a visit.

And to reminisce a bit I also created an Etsy treasury with some items that celebrate Scotland.

not only from Scottish and UK shops but also American sellers (it won't get on the Front Page if it only contains items from British shops).

I hope you like it.

Happy St Andrews Day, go have some Haggis and a good Scotch Whiskey if you can.

Nadine xx

26 Nov 2011

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Hello everybody,

just to let you know the Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale is still on until Monday night (actually Tuesday morning here in the UK). So please have a look at

the Quilt Shop:

and in the Art Shop:

where you can find these godies for example:

Prints of original paintings

magnets and wearable art

and drawings

and more.

And please come follow this blog on this url from now on: http://thiscreativebliss.blogspot.com/

Lots of love,
Nadine xx

21 Nov 2011


Hello everybody,

I am hosting a BLACK FRIDAY SALE with 10% Off EVERYTHING in the Quilt Shop (21 - 25 Nov) http://www.etsy.com/shop/QuiltedBlissByNadine

Come and have a look.

And from now on please follow the blog on this new URL:


Please bookmark it and add it to your RSS feed or blogroll.

The old link will still work but I will start posting on the new one.

(Sorry, but I needed to tidy up a bit and wanted to use one name for the overall blog with 3 related names for the 3 shops.)

And here are the new Plushies who are all waiting patiently for a new home:

I hope you like them.

Lots of Love,
Nadine xx

20 Nov 2011

3 Winners

Hello all,

I have now drawn the winners for the giveaway and the following people have won in this order. I think it would make most sense if the winners receive the items in the order they were posted in the blog.

which means Gill has won the "Intestines" print.

Dawn has won the "Up Up and Away Print"

and Kathy has won the mini-print of "St Andrews, East Sands"

Could you all please send me your addresses so I can post your prizes as soon as possible.

Congratulations to all the winners.

And to celebrate some more I'll be hosting a Black Friday Sale in the Quilt Shop all week starting tomorrow. So please come back and check out the new plushies I have added today. I'll show them to you in another blog post soon.

Please also follow this link to the new blog url and bookmark it and start following that one, I will from now on post on the new blog site.


Lots of love and happy crafting.

Nadine xx

13 Nov 2011

New Art Shop and a GIVEAWAY!

Hurrah, I finally made it and started listing items in the new

ART Shop "This Creative Bliss":


So far I only have listed some prints (A4ish sized and small A6 sized), magnets, mini paintings, doodles and some art jewelry. I haven't listed lots of prints yet and also have to figure out how to ship original paintings before I can list them.

But it's definitely a start.

So to celebrate I am hosting a GIVEAWAY ending next Sunday, 20 November, and we'll have

3 winners
this time. yay.

You can win a print of "Intestines"

a print of "Up up and away"

and a mini- print of "St Andrews, East Sands" (ca. 4" x 3.5")

plus some additional small surprise prizes.

You have 3 chances to win and for every chance you have to comment on this blog post:

1. First Comment:
Tell me what you like best in the new ART SHOP.

2. Second Comment:
Tell me you are a follower of this blog (or have just become a follower.)

3. Third Comment:
Tell me you are a Facebook fan (or have just "liked" my Facebook page).

Let me know what you think of the shop and good luck everyone.
Please spread the word, join my circle on Etsy and be sociable.

Lots of love,
Nadine xx

7 Nov 2011

New Advent Calendar

I have to admit, I have really been struggling with my advent calendars. There just isn't enough time in the day to finish them and list them early enough so people can buy and receive them by December 1st.

I have finished one more advent calendar but will have to give up on the other 3 that I have been working on for a few months now. I will just have to finish them early next year in time for the holiday season. I also regret not having had any time to make other seasonal items in both the quilt shop and the crafts shop such as Christmas decorations, tree decor, paper garlands, cards, placemats etc. but next year I'll just have to start earlier with that.

So here is the advent calendar, reversible again with a funky wonky design in Kona cotton solids on the back.

What do you think? Do you like it? And what sorts of Christmas items in fabric, felt or paper would you want to see?

Lots of love,

26 Oct 2011

A Peek at the Craft Shop

Hello all you lovely craftmonkeys,

I am sorry to disppoint but I have no finished new quilting projects to present, I am still working on 4 advent calendars but have given up on the idea I might finish them in time for 1 December. I am also working on a custom order quilt which has to take priority of course.

But for today I thought I might show you what I am selling in the paper crafts shop. I don't think I have blogged about it at all since opening.

So here you go, lots of papercrafty things:

Mini card sets

Butterfly stickers

Handmade cards of course

Paper Garlands

And the die cuts

And then some more.

I have to say it has become quite meditative to sit on the couch and punch for hours. I absolutely love it.

I hope you like these.
More updates on all my crafty pursuits are on the way.

Lots of love,

16 Oct 2011

Someone's gonna do a lot of eating ..

I just finished a large custom order for 12 placemats. The hand binding alone took me almost 2 hours each, who'd have thought making placemats could take that long. I hope you like them.

Someone will do lots of entertaining, or possibly they have a very large family. I like the thought of a lot of people sitting around a table and using my placemats.

The backs (2 of each colour scheme)

I hope you like them.

Love, Nadine

4 Oct 2011

Blushing twice

Hello all you lovely blog readers,

I just realised I haven't actually shown you the latest Etsy additions. I have listed 2 quilts, both made with the gorgeous designer fabrics from the Blush collection by Basic Grey for Moda. I loved their papers and when I saw they released these as fabric I hunted it down, literally.

I made 2 quilts with it so far.

The Blush in Monaco Quilt

(with organic Monaluna fabrics from the Monaco line and lots of Kona solids on the back)

and the Blushing Poppies Quilt

(with Laura Gunn's Poppies on the back), which is actually a reversible quilt as you go project.

Both of these quilts were made entirely by hand and I love them to bits.

I hope you like them too.

Lots of love,
Nadine xx