12 Jun 2011

Creepy Tim-Burtonesque Taggie Doll. Yay or nay?

Hey everyone,

I need your help with something today. I experimented a bit and made something new and really don't know what to think of it. All that talk about taggies and baby blankets and what sells on etsy and what doesn't made me think I need to come up with something different, something that I can make quicker and more reasonably priced, as quilts are obviously not the way to go.

So I made this.

Too creepy? Too Burtonesque? Or do you like it? Are you a mum or gran and do you think a baby would like it?

It's a plush taggie toy (something like an owl maybe? I think I could make all sorts of creepy animal thingies or Russian dolls maybe). It's about 12" tall with a monogram stitched to the belly.

I thought a baby might like the tactile nature of all the applique stitching and the taggies and having something personalized with monograms always seems to be popular on Etsy.

Maybe I could make one per letter of the alphabet?

I would love to hear/read what you think.
All comments welcome.

Love, Nadine


  1. I like this!.. what sort of price would you charge for these? - Russian Dolls also a great idea.

  2. Hm, not sure. I was thinking £15, cos quite a lot of material and thread goes into it. Do you think a baby would like it? Would the little one play with it? I think I could make all sorts of stuff, elephants, fish, dolls, robots maybe. will have to play a bit. I was thinking I could just make one per letter (will take me a while) and then if somebody likes a certain style but wants it with a different letter I could do that.

  3. Do you think £15 is too much? Maybe £12? hmm.

  4. Hi Nadine, it's always difficult to know what your customers (to be) will want. I'd advise you to make what tickles your fancy! (is that an old fashioned expression?)
    You'll know when it sells fast!
    By the way: what mums like is not what grannies like. The latter usually like what the kids like (beforehand)

  5. This is fun. Although whenever I see similar things for sale I assume it's adults buying for themselves?

  6. Just one thought maybe a few less tags ?? thinking about babies managing to pull them out and put in their mouth ??
    Brighter the better for them.
    I used to make toys to sell and they had to have a safety tag sew on them, might be worth checking that out.

  7. Oh, so babies actually suck on them too? I didn't realize, I thought they'd just pull the tags and touch them. So maybe it should be smaller? Do you think this would be too big for a baby? if they hold it in their mouth?

    I have no idea what a safety tag looks like. Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to investigate.


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