13 Jun 2011

Another taggie baby toy

I have just finished another little taggie toy and absolutely love it. I really enjoy making these too.

What do you think? Would it sell?

Let me know what you think.

Love, Nadine

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  1. love it Nadine !!!!
    All you can do is test the water with them :)
    Just seen you are in the uk so you will need to put a CE lable on it an be prepared to have trading standards come and test one, i had this at a craft show once they pose as a customer, buy one the tell you who they are and what they will do with it. If you sell as a novilty and not a toy you don't need to worry but if you sell it as a toy there are some tough guild lines.
    Hope that helps hun and good luck with them they are cute !!!

  2. Aww, thank you. I'm glad you like them. And thanks for the advice. I've been researching the CE labeling but am not sure exactly what I need to do. I checked the regulations but could not find any guidance on what can and cannot be done with toys, what materials I can use or not etc. SO is it really just down to me adding the CE label and thereby confirming the toy is safe?

  3. Found this link there are a few pages that should help :)


    Basc is to keep a file on what stuffing you use i found sticking to one made life easier keep a panel with the safety info in your file along with all info on all products used put a CE lable and your details on every toy and double stitch all seams, don't add anything that can be pulled off or is not colour fast.
    Sounds awful but most is common sence and being organised :)

  4. Been trying to find out what that label would look like and where I can get it. From browsing all the website I think the doll would be classed as low risk. Could I just print my own on cardboard with safety instructions and material info and the CE logo and add it to the doll but it would have to be removed by the parent before giving it to a baby? Would that be ok?


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