6 Jun 2011

California Dreaming in French Baby Quilt

Hurrah. I finished it! Another handsewn reversible quilt, this time it's a baby/toddler quilt and I quilted it A LOT which gives it a lovely texture and fluffiness (is that a word? if it isn't it should be :)

On the top I used fabric from the California Dreaming line and on the back I used Pat Bravo's Dreaming in French fabric in a differnt pattern.

It is 33" x 49" so it is not too big for a baby but also big enough for a toddler. Am actually quite pleased with the result. What do you think?

the back:

close up of the hand quilting:

I have just added it to the shop:

I have also added a PERSONALISATION feature in the shop. Am so proud of it. I will now offer personalisation when somebody buys a quilt from the shop (but it has to be purchased separately).

I tried three different stitch lengths, oh yes, forgot to mention it will be HAND APPLIQUE, and any name or word can be added to either side of the quilt.

What do you think? Which of the three versions do you like best? (A, M or Y)

Lots of love,

Nadine xx


  1. Love the reversible quilt. Great quilting!

    My vote: the "A" :-)

  2. Lovely quilt!
    As for the letters:
    A looks great, and the runner up (very closely) is C (but that takes far more thread)

  3. hé, I posted this on Tuesday morning 8 o'clock!

  4. Thanks Ladies, 'A' ha? I would have gone for 'M' with the darker thread that stands out more. So I guess you prefer the light thread in a similar colour to the fabric and a bigger stitch length. That's good to know.


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