3 Jul 2011

We have a winner! or *An Odd Owl finds a new Home*

Hello everyone and welcome to all the new followers,

as promised I have drawn the winner of the Odd Owl Givewaway and the winner is commenter number 63, which is Tracy. Hurrah!

Tracy, could you please send me an email and tell me what letter you need and I'll get your Odd Owl ready for you asap. Could you also please email me your address so I can ship the Owl either tomorrow or Tuesday depending on how quickly I get the Owl ready.

Thanks for entering everyone and thanks for all the wonderful comments both on here and on Lily's Quilts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and am glad I am not alone in this. But that's what this blogging and facebooking is all about, connecting with other people and sharing our experiences, or having a little rant together.

On another note, I have been working frantically this weekend (I think I went through about 3 and a half bobbins) and I will soon have new things to show you. I am currently working on 5 projects and will soon have at least 2 of them finished. So watch this space.

And one last thing. I am thinking of listing my handmade cards on Etsy too. I have always made cards and have more than I could possibly use myself, and as much as I have a 'fabric habit' I also have a 'paper habit'. Seriously, sometimes I wonder how we fit all of this stash, cardmaking, scrapbooking, painting, drawing and quilting, in our tiny flat. Anyway, I am wondering whether I should list the cards in the Quilted Bliss shop or whether I should open a separate shop? I'd really like to keep things tidy and in one place but I read that some people have several shops and are more successful keeping things separate. What do you think? A separate shop or all-in-one?

That's it for today. The sewing machine is calling me.

Congrats again to Tracy and sorry to everybody else, but don't despair, I am sure there will be more giveaways in the future.

Have a lovely evening.

Nadine xx

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