18 Jul 2011

Sweetwater Bridges & Bijoux Garden Quilt

Hello everyone,

me again. Maybe you remember my Amy's Bridges and Fassett Bridges Quilt? Well, I liked that design so much I made another quilt with a similar pattern but a different design on the back. Meet the Sweetwater Bridges & Bijoux Garden Quilt. Very simple design, but I love it.

Fabric: Moda Sunkissed by Sweetwater (top), Heather Bailey Bijoux and some Amy Butler (back)

I quilted in (almost) straight lines, and man, that took me forever, and I did it on the machine. Took me almost as long as it took me to do the other one by hand. But I love the texture, it gives the quilt a very nice feel and drape. Unfortunately, I cannot do any free hand quilting on my machine, no meandering quilting pattern for me :( so I am stuck with straight lines and outline quilting, but I do like the effect and the look it gives the quilt. Very modern.

Close ups of the quilting:

I hope you like it. I am trying to decide whether to sell it on Etsy or not. I always find it hard to part with my quilts, not that it would definitely sell, I haven't sold a quilt yet, but it could, so I need to think about that carefully. Hm, decisions.

Love, Nadine xx


  1. I think the line quilting looks beautiful. Try and sell it! How could someone resist buying that? :) I know what you mean though, I have a lot of trouble giving up my quilts.

  2. Uhooi,,
    waw,, It's very pretty and nice,,


  3. Two quilts in one! At first I thought you were posting about two different quilts entirely until I read your post. How lovely! I don't know how you could sell it, it's so pretty. I particularly like the shading on the "sunkissed" side.

  4. Thank Heather, I took your advice seriously and just listed it :) and btw, ALL my quilts are reversible, they are always 2 quilts in one. xx


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