31 Jul 2011

Playdate Baby Quilt - First Low End Quilt for Etsy

Hello everybody,

I need your input today. I have just finished the first baby quilt which is not reversible (first time since I started quilting that I have finished a single sided quilt).

This quilt has a fleece backing in hot pink, which is lovely soft perfect for a baby.

The listing on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78850987/playdate-baby-quilt-with-fleece-backing

This is also the first low end quilt for Etsy. It took me a little less time to make, only about 10 days, than the other quilts and as I haven't actually sold a quilt yet I am trying to produce something cheap that I can sell for less than the other quilts.

So my question is

- Did you ever buy a quilt?
- Or do you own a quilt that you didn't make yourself?
- Do you own a quilt that somebody paid money for?
- What kind of quilt and how much did you/they pay for it?

If you don't want to tell online that's fine of course I am just trying to see what other people actually sell quilts for and whether mine are just too expensive (or maybe they're just not good enough to sell.)

It is hard to see on Etsy who actually sells a lot of quilts and what people want and what they are willing to pay for it. Unless I watch other shops really closely to notice when something gets listed and when it sells I just can't see that kind of thing. And often people sell quilts to friends and family and it isn't really any indication of what the market demands.

I would really appreciate your input.

Lots of love,
Nadine xx

PS: Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY from the papercrafts shop. The winner will be drawn on Wednesday.

close up:


  1. Hi Nadine, it looks great. In answer to your questions, no, no and no! Not really very helpful! I think that because I sew I would never buy one, for me it is a really personal gift if you've made it specifically for that person. I think that you will sell them, have you tried any craft fairs? I think if people can see something for real that helps. Good luck

  2. Hi, I've just come over from Etsy to say hello. I haven't bought quilts because I make my own quilts and blankets - and I'm the person who makes them as wedding / birth presents too. I haven't tried selling although I don't think you are over-pricing: they are expensive and incredibly time-consuming to make! I think Memmens has a point: it's easier if you can actually see a quilt before you buy it - you can't tell from a picture what fabric feels like and certainly for me that is quite important, so craft fairs may be a better outlet? Like your blog look btw :D

  3. I don't buy quilts either. I think the front of this one this one could be for a girl or a boy, but the back is very girlie. You have then restricted who could buy it to baby girls, green or aqua could be for either, and also bought ahead of the birth! Have you thought about making up quilt kits, people like to give gifts of kits to make their own, or to encourage a friend to sew. My mum often embarasses me at quilt/craft shows buy saying how she could make the item easily and cheeply...I think it depends on if you are trying to make money, or selling off what you have made in your spare time. Love your blog too

  4. Hi Nadine,

    Gorgeous quilt!

    I take commissions for quilts as they are such a huge investment of time to make and that way you know you'll definately have a buyer ( I say I take commissions - what I mean is I have made one quilt on commission :) a babies quilt with the name and date of birth embroidered on it) - I see you offer that too which is great.

    I think your quilts are very reasonably priced - they are absolutely stunning and I wish you every success in selling your beautiful creations.

    I'd also suggest trying a craft fair if you haven't already especially a christmas one as people are usually going there to spend money as opposed to just have a look around with no one in mind to buy for as may be the case other times of the year.

    Dani x

  5. I came to see what others had to say and see they are in the same boat as me...I make my own except my mom made. My two daughters have quilts made by me...the older daughter always swore I could sell baby blankets if I would just let her friends know where she worked. But I seem to always have one going for someone in the family or one of my daughters' friends.


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