3 Sep 2010

Quilt-as-you-go-Quilt (I)

Finally I am making some progress. Only two more projects to go and then I can cut into new fabric, hurrah.

I showed you the blocks I made from scraps for my first attempt at using the quilt as you go method on a reversible quilt.

I finally got around to quilting them and as I took the Process Pledge I thought I might show you how I did it.

It is pretty easy and self-explanatory really.

I placed the blocks on the batting and tried to place the blocks for the back as precisely over the blocks for the other side as I could. (Not so easy when the blocks aren't exactly the same size, but eh, let's see where this leads me)

Then quilted them using straight line quilting. of course everything done by hand as usual.

close up:

The quilting as it shows on the back (slightly wonky I know):

And next time I'll show you how I attached the pieces together and made rows. Let's see if this will become a quilt yet.


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  1. Nadine, they are beautiful! BTW, I have been getting lots of compliments on my new placemats! I still am in awe every time I look at them and remember you don't own a sewing machine, or at least didn't use one! My sister is jealous and loves them as much as I do! thanks again!


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