30 Sep 2010

Difficult Decision - Help!?

Ok folks, I need your advice. Which of these should be the quilt top? I can't decide. Why does it matter, you ask? Well, the top will be quilted which means the quilting on the back is not as neat. That's all.

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  1. See this is difficult because I'd like to see the first one as the top - but if you think the stitching won't be so neat on the back I think you are less likely to notice with the first picture - which would mean it might be better as the back.

    I know, I am no help whatsoever!

  2. I like the second as the quilted top, it's far more detailed and looks like it was more work. I would make it the top. Actually, I really like it. =)

  3. I think they both deserve to be a top soyou should make 2 quilts!!! I know that wasn't an option but it's certainly what I would do!!

  4. I would make the second photo the top! Love them both!

  5. hmm, am more confused now than before. I might just try double quilting it then. would be a first. different quilting on the two sides, hm?

    Just finsihed basting and binding. but HOW do I quilt them? by hand of course, so straight lines it will have to be. Maybe diagonal lines on the second and maybe echo quilting on the first, inside the boxes? argh.


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