23 Sep 2010

Paid it forward

Hello everyone,

Look what's just arrived. The lovely Justine from Sew, Justine, Sew! Sent me my Pay it forward gift and it's absolutely adorable.

The strawberry fabric looks good enough to eat and the pincushion is adorable and comes just in time. I was about to finally make one for myself.

Thanks Justine, this made my day.

Love, Nadine

PS: I sent out my Pay it Forward gifts a few weeks ago. I hope the recipients liked them :)

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  1. .. and I forgot to ask. where did you get the cute heart shaped pins? I haven't seen those anywhere? Will have to go on a hunt through all the craft shops I can find. don't think the monkey is going to like it.

  2. Hi Nadine, glad you like your PIF! I got the pins on good old ebay, they were cheap as chips and I got ones with flower heads too!

  3. Lovely pinnie. I was just going to say I've seen those heart shaped pins on ebay - very cheap then I read comment two ;-)


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