14 Jun 2010

Spots of Color

One quilt down, about 5 more projects to go.

I am slowly working my way through all the things that aren't finished and then I can move on to the beautiful new fabrics that have magically appeared in my flat over the last 2 - 3 months.

Hope you'll like this one. It is a rather small quilt, maybe more like a baby quilt. I can't decide which one is the top and which is the back of the quilt. Please also note the wonky hand quilting, actually the wonky everything. Was hoping I could maybe sell this one in my Etsy shop once I have one, but now I don't think I could. It just isn't neat enough.

close up

But I still love it.

Perfection is just not that appealing. (my wisdom for the day. :)


the back (or front?)


  1. It's "The other front" not the back :)

  2. I love the soft gray next to the colours.

    I would still post it in your Etsy shop, as long as its true to your description I am sure it will find a happy home.

  3. Love it! The colors look wonderful against the gray. Your straight line quilting is wonderful as well...

    Jennifer :)

  4. Hehe, you call that STRAIGHT line quilting. look again. nothing straight about it.

    But thanks everyone. I'm glad you like it. Guess it is my "Wonky Baby Quilt"now have to find a wonky baby to give it to. :)

  5. Hey Nadine, great quilt!

    Just to let you know that as you're the 2nd person to comment on my 'Pay It Forward' post you're in! You just need to put a similar post on your blog in order to recruit your 3 (or more!) friends to send a handmade gift to. Thanks for helping me spread a little kindness! Justine xx

  6. I liked the idea mentioned in the first comment of calling it 'the other front.' I love this little quilt, and I think anyone would like it. Just call it your wonky quilted quilt.


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