24 Jun 2010

Light and Dark - Finished!

Finally, I have finished a quilt completely. I am absolutely determined to finish things before embarking on big new projects. And there are a few quilts which still need quilting (does that mean they can't actually be called 'QUILTS' yet? hmm?)

OK, I have to admit I haven't been keeping my word. And I keep cutting fabric for new quilts. Or I am piecing blocks and keep getting sidetracked. But I do try to go back to the unfinished ones and try to work on them too.

So here is one of those.

I made this last year but never actually quilted it. I am always a bit apprehensive about the quilting. I feel like they look better without the wobbly quality of the hand quilting. Maybe, just maybe, that means I do need to take the plunge and get a machine? But which one? It would have to be a super simple beginners machine. If it is too technical and the threading is too fiddly I'll break it and won't be able to fix it.

Anyway, this is my 'Light and Dark' quilt. Quilted and ready to find a new home maybe on Etsy one day?!


Hope you like it.


the back


  1. I so can't believe that you hand sew all your quilts, it's soooo amazing! I love the look of hand quilting and intend to hand quilt my quilts but I'm using my machine to piece them 1st!!! Justine xx

  2. I forgot that you sew everything by hand! It's beautiful, Nadine - you're quilting is nice and neat, not "wobbly" at all! I have too many things started and not finished, too. I need to focus! This weekend I vow to finish at least one project.

  3. So glad to hear that I am not the only hand piecer and hand quilter. Frankly, I am amazed that there aren't more of us. I tried a little bit of machine quilting and can honestly say that was twice...first and last..back to hand work for me..

  4. Lovely work! The machine vs. no machine question is an interesting one - I started out in abject terror with machine quilting (and piecing) and then realised that it was down to habit, so now I'm in the habit of doing little and often as well as keeping the handwork going.


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