3 Jun 2010

Fabric Storage Basket

As promised I made another small fabric storage basket and here is my tutorial. It is pretty easy to do and you could just look at the images and probably figure out quite quickly how it's done. I am leaving out measurements so you can decide how small or big you want it to be.

You'll need
2 pieces of fabric
8 ribbons
some card(board)
I used the backs of notebooks as the material is quite sturdy and perfect for this sort of project.

1. cut the two pieces of fabric to fit your measurements

2. position the ribbons on one of the two pieces of fabrics

position the ribbons on the fabric as indicated exactly outside the markings for the cardboard pieces (here I positioned them exactly inside the 3" mark from the edge)

3. put the second piece of fabric upside down on top of the first and pin the ribbons to keep them in place

4. now sew the 2 pieces of fabric together making sure the ribbons are properly fastened

5. now turn it inside out. the longer end of the ribbons should be on the outside

6. cut the middle piece and the 4 side pieces of cardboard. you might have to adjust their size as you go along.

7. position the top side piece of cardboard between the two pieces of fabric

8. and pin the fabric together tightly around the edges

9. now sew along the piece of cardboard to keep it in place

10. add the cardboard pieces and sew the fabric together first vertically and then horizontally. I did this very tightly not leaving much room for the card to move about

11. fold the last open side of the fabric basket inwards and pin the fabric tightly

12. don't forget to pin down the last 2 ribbons and sew the fabric together

13. Et VoilĂ . Now you can tie the ribbons and you have a fairly sturdy fabric storage basket.

Here it is with the first larger storage basket I made a few weeks ago.

I hope this makes sense at all. Would love to see your baskets when you've made some. Maybe you could leave a comment with a link to your creations.

Love, und frohes Schaffen



  1. Nice! I'm going to try it - thanks so much for the tutorial!

  2. That is super cool - would also make a great in tray, tidy tray for coins and keys, and millions of other uses - I love it.

  3. I am SO making a few of these this weekend! Thanks for the tutorial..

    Jennifer :)

  4. Can't wait to give it a try!


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