14 May 2010

What now? (some fabric love and a cry for help!)

I am still working on 1 2 3 no 5 other projects but I can't help myself already planning the next one. This is my favorite part, choosing fabrics and deciding on a design. And I have finally cut into my Amy Butler stash. Yum. I decided to cut 2,5 by 9 inch strips but now I can't decide what to do with them.

A simple strip quilt? Or a log cabin quilt? Or maybe something different? Any suggestions are welcome.


oranges and browns:


blues and more greens:

oh and then some more:


  1. I have the very thing - if only because it is top of my projects I want to do:


  2. A rail fence would be nice? Or wonky crosses if you added in some kona solids to coordinate? Ohh what a delicious stash of fabrics to have this problem with!

  3. Your comment about putting off working on the quilt made me laugh out loud. the quilt is fab but it's doing the same thing over and over and over and I get bored very easily and that box of scraps is just crying out to be played with. I must resist cutting into the fabrics needed for my Mum's quilt though!

  4. Lovely fabrics and a fellower sewer near to me - I'm in Huddersfield! Your blog is lovely! Justine xx


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