25 May 2010

Flower Quilt (the front)

Here is the top of the charm quilt I entered in the Blogger's Quilt Festival in the last post. I absolutely adore this quilt too.

As you can see in the close-up I didn't do a lot of quilting (only some outline quilting), I am always afraid the quilting might ruin the quilt, as I do everything by hand I cannot make it look as neat as I would like it to be.

close ups:

And as you can see in this picture the quilt is fully reversible with the charm quilt in the back. SO I have two quilts in one. hurrah.

I hope you like this one too. and it is sooooo comfy. and really big too.

Let me know what you think.



  1. What an unusual quilt Nadine, its lovely! Did I read right that you do all your quilting by hand? Justine xx

  2. Hey Justine,
    yes I have to do everything by hand, piecing and quilting as I don't own a machine and I am not sure I could handle one. I would probably get really frustrated with the threading and the hassle of fixing things when they go wrong. If I ever get one it will have to be a completely idiot proof machine, hehe.

  3. I can't decide which side I like best.


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