20 May 2010

La Dolce Vita

Look what has just arrived. I ordered it from Saints and Pinners and it arrived within 2 days. Hurrah. Isn't it beautiful? makes me want to go to LICC in York and have some yummy ice cream.

Oh, I can't wait to work with this. So many projects waiting.

This just makes me happy, no matter what the weather :)


  1. Lovely, so very nice to order so much fabric at once! Lucky You! Justine xx

  2. yeah, lucky but broke. hehe. but it's worth it. and I do produce things really quickly these days despite doing everything by hand. just have to figure out where to store the quilts or maybe how to sell them eventually?

  3. You hand quilt your pieces! I am very impressed, but would never have the patience.

    I love the Dolce fabic, its so fresh and summary.

  4. Yes, I do everything by hand. everyone keeps telling me I should buy a machine so I can finish pieces much quicker but then what do I do with them? pretty much everybody I know already has one of my quilts or will do in the near future and the others are all folded up in the quilt box. so maybe one day.

    Dolce is lovely. I went a bit overboard with buying fabric and got the whole set. *have to control myself* no more fabric shopping for at least a few .. weeks? hehe

  5. EXCUSE ME...you won't join our bee and share that fabric. Shame on you. By the way, I love the BQF quilt - made me laugh that you just wanted to get rid of a load of charm squares you didn't like!

  6. Sharing fabric? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? that's cheeky. no, really I have to admit I don't actually know how Bees work, I am more the solitary quilter, annoying my other half with it. And I am worried there would be things that I can't actually do, fiddly things that one can't do by hand (don't own a machine) etc. and time is also an issue. sometimes I just won't have the time and won't meet the deadlines. But I'll follow it and LEARN.


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