27 May 2010

Amy's Bridges

Today you'll get a little update that is overdue. I had a whole range of strips of Amy Butler fabric and couldn't decide what to do with them (What now?), well I decided to go for a slightly different coin pattern.

This is the top of the quilt, I am now working on the back in a similar pattern but with different fabrics.

And once again I have to apologize for the bad quality photos. It is doing my head in to be honest. There is never any sunlight and the pictures always end up looking very dark, .... oooh, the sun is out, but will probably only stay out for about 3 minutes and 10 seconds. ... no, only a few seconds this time. ARGH!

bl**dy English weather. that's my rant for the day, promise.

Hope you like this one. I like it, a lot, and the pewter sashing (Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton) is bringing out the colors very nicely. The pictures really don't do Amy's fabric any justice.

Let me know what you think.

And let's all eat our lunch, all of it, so the sun comes back out again, OK?!


close ups


  1. I do like this a lot...had never thought of doing a coin quilt this way. You could call it a Roll of Coins instead of stacked coins.

  2. Those colours against the pewter are fabulous. And you're right about the weather. I took some quilt photos yesterday and they were miserable.

  3. Hi Nadine! That quilt top is gorgeous. I really like colours against strong plains like that. Now tell me how would you quilt something like that? Justine xx

  4. hm, good question. no idea how I'll quilt it. I am not very good at hand quilting, can never make it very neat. but it will probably be some sort of squiggly lines, can't really do straight ones. :)


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