12 Apr 2011

This took FOREVER

Here is the latest finished project: 6 placemats made using the leftover strips from the Spring in the Garden quilt.

It's strange but finishing these took me forever, almost as long as a whole quilt. The handstitched binding is probably to blame and of course the quilting. But i love it, the textures are great and my straightish lines are pretty good considering I'm new to using a sewing machine.

I hope you like them.

Love, Nadine

The back:

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  1. Soooo very pretty, Nadine! Love them!

  2. The back and the front are both gorgeous! Not sure which side I like best.

  3. These look gorgeous! well done...both sides look excellent.

  4. They look great...so hopefully were worth all your time and effort! =)

  5. aww, thanks for all the lovely comments. I am glad you like them. Yes, they're worth the time and effort, I can't stop touching the nice textured quilting. This just goes to show once again how impatient I am. :)


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