18 Apr 2011

Reversible Quilt as you go

I have finally worked out a way to do a reversible quilt as you go quilt on the sewing machine without any ugly mishaps and problems. I am sure other quilters have done it before me and probably even better but here is how I did it.

All the blocks, both front and back, are the same size and ready to be assembled into strips. The quilting has been done in a sort of spiral pattern.

The sashing on the front is 1 1/4 " wide in Kona Ash and the sashing on the back (Kona Snow) needs to be bigger, so I cut it to 1 3/4 ".

I pinned the 3 layers together with the Ash on the front.

... and the Kona Snow on the back.

and here is the triple sandwhich pinned together.

now I sew along the edge with a proper seam allowance.

then I pin the other side of the Ash sashing on the top to the edge of the next block and sew along the edge again.

turning the two attached blocks over looks like this.

and this it what is looks like on the back.

now I fold over the Snow sashing on the back along the seam and iron it flat.

and then I fold it over again to cover the seam on the next block.

pin the 3 layers together to fix the sashing on the back in place.

and I sew closely to the edge to attach the back sashing firmly.

the I sew along the other edge to make sure it looks even.

et Voila. this is what the 2 QAYG blocks look when attached this way.

on the the top

and the back.

I hope this makes sense.

Love, Nadine


  1. Are there noticeable spaces in the batting between the blocks? Or do they get butted up close enough that you can't tell?

  2. NO, there are no spaces. That's why I am being very careful with the seam allowance. it is not visible that it's a QAYG project. when you feel very carefully between the blocks you might find the edges of the blocks, but the sashing is thin enough and sewn on tight that the blocks are fixed closely.

  3. Ausgesprochen schoen und edel! The quilts make me want to go and snuggle up with a good book. I think you are an extremely talented lady! Keep up the outstanding designs and colour schemes! Lurve 'em! Ulli xx

  4. You can also do sashings and borders the same way. You just determine how wide the sashing is to be and sew them on the same as you did the pieces that hold the blocks together then when you turn the blocks over (your photo 7) there will be a gap between the edges of the blocks. You would cut batting the size to fill that gap then continue to finish sewing the back just like you did. But then you MUST quilt the sashing or the batting will shift. I hope that makes sense. I still have a quilt that I used the same method and did QAYG sashing and borders. If you would like to see please feel free to email me and I will share my pictures with you and answer any questions you might have. I can't wait to see your finished quilt.


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