1 Sep 2011

HELP - I must be sick

Hello everyone,

I just realized today that I haven't bought any fabrics lately and only picked up some nice ones at the Festival of Quilts, but for once I am not actually craving any new fabrics.

Normally there is always some fabric that I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT, something that I just have to wait a little and save up for, but right now I want nothing. Is there something wrong with me? I must be ill (apart from the nasty cold I have at the moment).

I think I need some more Christmas fabrics to make more Christmas goodies for the shop, but I don't necessarily want any new fabrics.

So have you got any suggestions for me? Any new fabric lines that you totally adore and that I need to check out? Feel free to post links.

This is a lovely picture of a fabric bundle that I have added to my 'Eye Candy' Board on Pinterest.

This is a very strange feeling for me.

So please help me with some suggestions.

Love, Nadine xx

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  1. Here's a link to the Northcott fabric I'm saving my pennies for. I love it in both the Peacock and the Licorice colourways ... http://www.northcott.net/?sid=2&layout=2col&content=fabric_details&colid=464&colorid=780


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