22 May 2011

We have a winner!

Hello everyone,

thank you all so much for your lovely comments and all the well-wishes for the Etsy shop. I have had a lot of exposure over the last week and some items have almost 200 views which is really good for a new shop. I have received a few hearts, and the shop has been added to favorites by several etsyists, which shows that people like the items in my shop. I have also joined (or been added to) a few circles (... please add me if you are on Etsy, the more the merrier).

I am trying to learn more about Etsy by following the forum and I am trying to find out how to optimize the shop appearance. It's amazing what a lovely community it is and how everyone is trying to help a newbie like me. I will keep you all posted on developments and will of course also keep you updated on listed items and new projects. I am currently working on a few new quilts (some handmade, some on the machine) which will probably go on once I have finished them, so watch this space.

Now to our winner. Thank you all for entering the giveaway. It was great meeting you, or meeting you again.

And the winner is ...

no 4 = Betty.

Congratulations, Betty. I hope you will like the bag, my first successful handbag. Hurrah.
Could you please email me your address, so I'll get the bag in the post first thing tomorrow morning.

Keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook page because I intend to host giveaways on a regular basis. It's fun and I always meet new people.

Now, the fabric is calling.

Love, Nadine

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I won! Thanks Very Much!
    I love the bag and am very much looking forward to this present!
    In fact I'm not only a fabric collector, no hoarder and there are people in my household who say the same things about my collection of handbags.
    One for every day (of the week)!
    Thanks very much
    bettyvanos (at) likestohearfromyou (dot) com


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