21 Feb 2011

First machine quilt. Hurrah!

I've finished my first machine made quilt a while ago and was waiting for some sunlight to take photos of it. well, think again, no sun in these parts for the next few months. Think I need to start taking them outside to take the pics. So for now the iphone and photoshop mobile will have to do.

The back in zodiac fabrics

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  1. Beautiful! I love that it's reversible!

  2. Yay! This looks great. I am sure it was much easier!!

  3. It looks great...did you enjoy the whole machine process?

  4. I did enjoy making this a lot, but I always enjoy making things. I am not sure it was easier, but it was faster, though not as much faster as I thought because I spend a lot of time on other things now. It is unbelievable how much time I have to spend on ironing now, pressings every seam open before moving on. Never had to do that when working by hand. But I really love the machine and am getting used to it. Am already halfway through the next quilt. What am I going to do with all these quilts if I can produce them faster now? I should have my own museum ;)


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