11 Feb 2011

Fabric Bliss

I have splashed out on 2 fabric lines this month. (Yes Monkey, I kept my promise. but we only said this month, not THE NEXT MONTH :)

Tina Givens' new line Haven's Edge has already arrived and is absolutely gorgeous.

... and Patty Young's Sanctuary should arrive today or Monday, and as always Patty has managed to create something stunningly beautiful and contemporary.

But I need all your help. Here is my dilemma. I have these wonderful fabrics, whole collections sometimes and I absolutely adore them, but I keep looking at them, drooling over them, caressing them, but I never have the courage to use them. I keep working my way through old scraps or leftovers from previous quilts and never actually get to the big beautiful fabric lines.
I think it's because I am afraid I might ruin them and the quilt or gift I make will disappoint me and then I won't have any of the fabric left. And especially now while I am working on my Etsy shop, I don't want to ruin any of my fabric.

So what should I do? What should I use these fabrics for?

Maybe I should rearrange my fabrics and sort them by colour as many quilters seem to do these days? Maybe that way I would actually start using them more? At the moment I keep all the collections together, Tufted Tweets in one drawer, Flora and Fauna in another etc.

Let me know what you think, all your advice is greatly appreciated.

Love, Nadine


  1. I have a similar attitude towards fabric. I mean it's not cheap or always easy to replace if you mess up? I think the best way I've found of using my stash so I don't stockpile is to go on a fabric diet and then be more circumspect about what I buy in the future. I mean if you stopped buying new collections - however much you loved them you'd have to start using up some of the newer ones and find ways of making them work?!

  2. Start with just a couple of the prints that you adore from one stack and plan something with them, working in the others as needed. Sometimes having too many choices is what makes it overwhelming.

  3. I have the same trouble as you, only it is batiks that I cannot cut...a friend said well, you can always buy more fabric. It sort of made me stop and think...at least it would be a good excuse. When I get the current project done, I know I will be using some of them on a quilt I have in mind. But it is going to be oh, so hard...still have that fear of using even a little bit and then finding later that I need just a little bit more.


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