10 Jan 2011

Last Finished Project

Hurrah. This is my last finished project of 2010 I started it in December and worked on it over Christmas and finished binding it on New Years Eve.

It's another Quilt-as-you-go-Quilt using Amy Butler on one side and Far Far Away on the other (I can honestly not decide which one is the quilt top).

And this might also be my last completely handmade project as I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new sewing machine. Yay.

Hope you like this one.

Love, Nadine

close up:

The back (?):

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  1. Its gorgeous! I've got a FQ stash of FFA2 waiting to be turned into a quilt.

  2. Very pretty. When you say completely handmade did you piece by hand too? I don't mind English Paper piecing by hand but I don't think I could piece something like this and then go and hand quilt it!

  3. Yes, that's right. I've never owned a sewing machine before and had to learn how to thread last night. Always did everything by hand and now have to learn to use a machine, quite difficult actually. My seams are straighter and neater when I do them by hand. but that will hopefully change with practice.

  4. Wow! I love all the AB fabrics! and to see the work you did on the reverse! Amazing!

  5. Yummy! So bright and lovely :-)

  6. Wow, and all by hand!! Enjoy the new machine.

  7. Nadine, it's wonderful! Not sure which side I like better! As usual, your talents are amazing! I also love the Monkey's quilt! Good luck with your new machine!

  8. I can't believe you can produce so much beauty by handpiecing. I don't think I would have one finished up yet if I did it that way.
    Hope you are enjoying the new machine. By the way, did you know you are set as no-reply on blogger?

  9. Thanks, Shevvy. I am not sure what you mean tho. Where on blogger? I mean people can reply to my blogposts. Maybe a google thing?


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