2 Dec 2010

Leonie's Pencil Roll

Hurrah. Another Christmas pressie finished. This one if for Monkey's niece Leonie and I think she will really love it. She paints and draws all the time and to my shame I have to admit she's shown me off a few times. Her artwork is very creative and a lot less confined compared to mine. Maybe I am showing my age there.

I saw a similar pencil case on Oh Fransson! and thought I should try it. It is very straight forward and one doesn't need a pattern for it. I am very happy with the result and think it turned out quite nicely for a first try.

I am thinking of making more of these and maybe selling them in my etsy shop once I have one. I could also personalize them if customers wish it. Hopefully in the new year, well, that's the plan anyway.

I hope you like it.

Love, Nadine


  1. That's very cool. I love how each pencil has a color coordinated spot. You got the fabrics to match the pencil colors spot on!

    What a great gift.

  2. I was going to say exactly what Victoria said. So...umm... DITTO!

  3. I saw photos of your pencil roll on Flickr, and just had to pop over to tell you how much I love this. It looks amazing hand-quilted. I've been planning to make one of these for each of my kids, but I never thought about quilting it by hand. If you don't mind my asking, what did you use for the middle layer? Most of the tutorials I've seen recommend interfacing, but I'm not sure that would quilt well. (I recently started my first quilt, so my knowledge is still in the quilting 101 stage.)

    Anyway--nice job! :)

  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I used polyester wadding between the stripy piece and the back with the name appliquéed on. I always use that for smaller projects that are not quilts as it irons quite flat and gives a bit of stability but when ironed it isn't too bulky.
    This was actually quite an easy project and it only took me two days by hand. Good luck with your quilting, Jamie.

  5. It came out great!! That's one lucky kid!


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