1 Aug 2010

... and the 3 WINNERS are

I used an online random number generator, I didn't know how to embed it so I decided to just use a screenshot.

The winners are commenters number 7, 9 and 1.

So Emma, Marjorie and Lisa, could you please send me your addresses by email to nadinesaupe@yahoo.com and I'll post your fabric in the next few days.

Congrats to the winners and don't despair to the others, I think I'll do this again. It's an easy way to "use" fabric scraps without letting them hold me back.

Oh, and in the future those scraps might include some Tanya Whelan, Denyse Schmidt or Patty Young. So, patience Ladies, and just keep checking back.

Love, Nadine


  1. That's me! Thank you, I'm very excited :)
    Just emailed you my info.

  2. Congratulations Emma, Marjorie and Lisa! That's so exciting!


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