16 Mar 2010

Welcome to my Log Cabin

Hello everyone,

I think it's time for another quilt post and I already showed you the paintings above my bed on the art blog (http://nadinesaupearts.wordpress.com/) I might as well invite you to my bedroom to inspect the bed itself (an IKEA bed, Malm to be precise and I love it). This quilt was my first really big quilt and it is not two-sided like the later ones. I only used scraps of fabrics I didn't like on the back. It's a fairly simple log cabin design, which I use quite a lot because it is so versatile.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it was handpieced and handquilted, and took forever to make. I do everything by hand and at some point in the process I get really antsy and just want to finish it, which often results in badly sewn binding and wobbly corners. The reason I get impatient is that I really just want to start something else and have fabrics that I can't wait to cut up.
That is the best part of quilting, browsing through the fabrics and books (Kaffe Fassett books are my favorite) and deciding on a color combination and block design. Oh fun times. We're so easily pleased aren't we? Just give us some fabric or paint or art books and we're happy.

By the way, this quilt is HUGE, well it's pretty big and it was a pain in the back, literally, to baste it on the floor of my tiny St Andrews apartment. You can see that it is a simple log cabin design, and if your eyes are really good you can also see that stupid me used black yarn that shows through the white fabric. You live and learn. =)


Now make yourself at home.


  1. Wonderful quilt and you hand pieced and quilted it. That is nice to see. I prefer to do everything by hand, but sometimes I use my sewing machine because I feel guilty that I never use it.

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I prefer doing everything by hand as well, and I am getting faster too. I am working on a baby quilt at the moment and did the top over the last 2 evenings. I just get so frustrated with the machines and the time it takes to thread them and fix things when they're not working. But I am thinking of getting one after all, just can't decide which one.


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