12 Mar 2010

A Blog finds a new home

Oh, this is exciting, and so weird, only took a few seconds and voila I have a new blog.

The plan is to focus mainly on the quilting projects on this blog. For all the other stuff check out the Creations of a Cluttered Mind blog http://nadinesaupeart.wordpress.com/ It has different sections for blogs relating to artwork (for now feel free to check out www.nadinesaupeart.tk), sections for crafts-related blogs (especially for quilting and paper crafts) and well, all the other stuff I'll want to write about.

The art blog Brighter Smudges http://nadinesaupearts.wordpress.com/ focuses entirely on the paintings and drawings, so feel free to check it out if you prefer paintings.

Please feel free to comment or send me an email at nadinesaupe@yahoo.com if you have questions or comments. And please follow me on twitter for more ramblings and updates or add me on flickr.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that: Don't expect me to be conscientious with this, it is more of an experiment, so I might blog one day or I might find something better to do. (let's hope it's the latter)

xoxo Nadine

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