27 Jul 2010

Spoonflower swatches arrived

Hurrah. My spoonflower swatches have arrived.

Three different designs, one is turquoise, one is lime and one in fuchsia. They look great together.

And they will be available on Spoonflower.

My labels turned out pretty well too.

And I bought this cute little print called 'Play with me!' for myself to play with.

Hope you like them.

Love, Nadine

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  1. Looks great! I'm afraid to try Spoonflower for fear I won't be able to stop.

  2. Those fabrics look fabulous - you clever clever lady!

  3. Wow, amazing prints, and the label is fab. I haven't heard of spoon flower, will take a looksee later.

    Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to natter over a coffee... I keep meaning to go to Pulse on Sunday afternoons, so let me know if you're going and I'll make the extra effort to actually get there in person instead of just spirit!!

    Btw, loving your blog template!!! The background is so pretty.


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