20 Apr 2010

My first non-quilt

Remember the disaster that was my Failed Experiment at making a fabric storage box? Well, no more failures, hurrah!

I am so proud of myself. In an attempt to start producing items that can be used as gifts or even sold I tried to make a small storage box and it turned out absolutely beautifully. It only took me less than a day to make (by hand of course) and it was really easy. I am now working on matching place mats and coasters.

The next project will be to tackle quilted baby toys, elephants, giraffes etc. Oh and not to forget, of course I am still working on actual quilts too.

So watch this space. There's more to come.


  1. Thanks. am very proud of this one. it's flawless despite being done by hand.

  2. Love it! Wish I could find a pattern for one! Where did you get yours?

  3. I didn't actually use a pattern. I bought something similar a while ago and wanted to figure out how it is put together. I'll definitely make more of them and will post a tutorial on the blog. Watch this space.

  4. I love your blog!! I found it on the modern quilts thread. Anyways .... I too have made fabric boxes I'm disappointed with. Mine came out nice looking but they were really useless for storage. This one looks nice and sturdy! If I make more (which you have inspired me) I really need to find a stiff interfacing.

  5. oh thanks, it's so nice to see lovely comments on here.

    The same thing happened to me, the first time I didn't use anything sturdy and it didn't work. The box collapsed. This time I used really thick cardboard from paperblocks and it worked really well.

  6. That is a great "non-quilt"! I'll be watching for a tutorial.

    Jennifer :)


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