9 Aug 2010

Bridges Quilt finished

Finally, a finished quilt, hurrah! Or let's say ANOTHER quilt finished. I am getting there. Soon I'll have all projects finished and can start cutting into new fabric. Yay. Can't wait.

This quilt was lots of fun to make. It really was an ad hoc project I started to use up some cut offs, and as usual, it turned out much better than expected.

The top is called Amy's Bridges and the back is called Fassett Bridges.

I decided to use straight line quilting, my favorite anyway.

The problem with having two sided quilts and hand quilting them, hand sewing everything in fact, is that the quilting on the back never looks absolutely right.

Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist and the appeal of handmade items are those quirky imperfections (???)
Would love to hear your thoughts on that, quilters and friends.

I just don't know how to deal with that once I decide to sell some quilts. Will have to give it a proper think.

close ups:

And the back: Fassett Bridges

close ups, quilting on the back

Hope you like it.

Love, Nadine


  1. Hi Nadine, found you via flickr, I think your quilt is beautiful. I have heard that a general rule of thumb is that if you can't see it from 5 feet away, don't worry about it! As far as selling quilts goes, don't worry too much about wonkiness. If people want perfection, they can buy a machine made quilt (which in my opinion is far from perfect!). Focus on quality of construction, making sure your seams are solid your binding is going to last, etc. I think these things are the most important.

  2. I agree with you on the little imperfections in our quilts. If they're too perfect, they won't look like they were handmade! There are several cultures (Japanese and Persian, I believe) where they refuse to make something perfect. It's not natural and, in the case of the Persians, they will purposely mess something up because they believe that it goes against Allah (only Allah is perfect).

  3. I'm hand quilting at the moment. It's only the second time I've done some major hand quilting. The quilting on the back of my quilt so far looks rubbish...I thought the front was quite good until I saw yours lol ;-)

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. I agree, I think the imperfections make something unique and beautiful, it is the same with people, someone who is 'perfect', or appears to be, is often just boring. I am just worried that buyers on etsy might not see it that way if they feel they are paying a lot of money for a quilt.

  5. I like this...a lot. Sometimes simple is so beautiful.

    So long as something is well made that it is not falling apart...who cares about little imperfections. They do make it unique, and most of them are not noticed till pointed out.

  6. Love it. Perfection is boring.


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